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We are here to help you. Our loan department will work hard to ensure each loan is processed promptly and professionally.

We will strive to meet any need you have whether you are buying a new home or starting your own business. You will be happy you trusted Smackover State Bank for your loan needs.

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Mortgage calculator
? Home value/price
? Amount of money to be borrowed
? Loan period
? Yearly interest percentage
? Total closing costs
? Total payment, including property tax, closing costs and PMI
? Annual payment amount, excluding property tax, closing costs and PMI
? Monthly payment with property tax included
? Total interest paid
? The date of the last payment

* This tool is provided for your convenience so that you may explore potential mortgage strategies. The results of the calculation do not constitute an agreement with or guarantee from Smackover State Bank. To learn more about your loan options, please contact one of our loan officers.